e d u c a t i o n

2018 BFA, intermedia, pacific northwest college of art, portland or, usa

make+think+code, creating for mixed reality by kadenze, portland or

2013 cervantes, spanish language fluency certification, san francisco ca

2012 DALF, french language fluency certification, portland or


e x h i b i t i o n s

2019 art+sci initiative with the national oceanic + atmospheric administration, echograms showcase seatlle wa / reno nv, usa

2018 art+sci initiative with the national oceanic + atmospheric administration, echograms showcase newport or / portland or

artist in residence showcase, leland iron works, portland or

     BFA thesis show, pnca, portland or

2017 garden of forking paths, trust gallery, portland or

    intermedia merit show pnca, portland or

     art, ethics + transgression, indivisible gallery, portland or

     center for contemporary art and culture presents at argyle, dundee or

2016 intermedia merit show, pnca, portland or


p e r f o r m a n c e s

2020 NO PLACE, creator + choreographer of new media performance at pacific works nw, portland or, usa

2019 inter-, choreographer + creator of data-driven performance in collaboration with the national 

    oceanic + atmospheric administration (NOAA), performed by the pacific dance ensemble, performing arts center, newport or

2018 AFTER by andrew schneider, performer, TBA festival, portland or

SHALLOW WORK, collaborative sound performance with carly barton, TBA, portland or

no talk | every word, collaborative performance with carly barton, kenton park, portland or

dans la rue pdx, public movement performance, downtown portland or

scarcity, sonic performance, pnca, portland or

verfremdung, creator + choreographer of new media performance with carly barton, pnca, portland or

     thank you for your labor, solo performance, black box gallery, portland or

2017 corbeaux by bouchra ouigzen, participating dancer, TBA festival, portland or

     SIX experimental sound show, pnca, portland or

     articulation, curator + performer, pnca, portland or

     mad mary marvel | don’t call me crazy, b10 gallery, portland or

     body | speak with poet, hayley bauske, indivisible gallery, portland or

     en gris | sad sad, a short film in collaboration with isabelle udo, portland or

2016 multiplicities, movement + projection mapping performance, pnca mezzanine gallery, portland or

     sad, sad discovers the camera, commons gallery, portland or

2015 endurance, pnca commons gallery, portland or

     sheet homage, east creative, portland or

     try (again) my bones, pnca commons gallery, portland or


a w a r d s  +  g r a n t s

2018 senior intermedia merit award pnca

2017 interdisciplinary artist merit award pnca

     labor research and label design for argyle winery

2016 intermedia merit scholarship pnca

     whittiaker watercolor foundation / honorable mention


r e s i d e n c i e s

2020 pacific works northwest, alembic artist is residence, portland or, usa

2019 make+think+code lab, new media artist in residence, portland or

art + science initiative with the national oceanic + atmospheric administration, artist in residence, seattle wa / newport or

2018 leland iron works, artist in residence, oregon city or

2017 center for contemporary art and culture, performance residency with local performance collective, Physical Education, portland or         

pnca social media / instagram artist in residence

2015 hercules collective, artist in residence, rio de janiero, brazil

2014 pena de terra outdoor gallery, artist in residence, tarija, bolivia

l'exhaltacion, art + permaculture artist in residence, sucre, bolivia